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Black dating

As a man or woman of colour, there's a lot that goes into dating other people who share your ethnicity, lifestyle and values. While friends, family or your workspace may be great places to find new, interesting people, wouldn't it be great to have a platform where you could proactively look for other single black people who are also looking for a bit of romance and fun in their lives?

At Perfect Partner, we offer niche online dating solutions for people from varying age-groups, ethnicities and orientations. Through a 100% safe, secure and confidential platform, we connect you with thousands of other single people, whose profiles have been carefully authenticated, so you know you're engaging in conversation with someone genuine.

Why Black Dating?

In fact, the only question to ask here, is 'why not?' The internet is absolutely popping with dating websites catering to multiple demographics, and a whole lot of statistics about dating preferences based on race and ethnicity.

Doesn't ethnicity play an important role in making you the person you are? It is deeply related to your beliefs, values, life experiences and outlook. So when you decide to find yourself some romance, or even love, it's only natural that you would want to connect with someone who understands, and maybe even shares the same beliefs, thoughts and values.

Find black singles with Perfect Partner

Sure, your friends can find you someone, even set you two up on a date, but there's always a little awkwardness involved, and whether you realize it or not, you tend to feel a little pressurized - to initiate conversation, to ask someone out on a date, to make up your mind about how you feel about them.

So why not, instead, take matters into your own hands, and start searching for someone who is not only just black, but is also single, fun, and romantic - just like you. All you need to do is set up a profile on Perfect Partner, put up a few great pictures, and get talking!

If reading this is beginning to make you feel excited about online black dating, but also slightly jittery, you have nothing to fear! To make this easier, and stress-free, here are a few tips on how to successfully date as a single black man or woman.

Be Genuine

Whether it's online persona, or your real life presence, keep it honest and genuine. Sure you want to make your profile attractive, but there's a thin line between boosting your profile and lying - for instance, calling yourself a 'fitness freak' when walking to the supermarket makes you lazy. The one thing that can be a serious turn off, is to meet someone interesting online, talk to them, and realize that they're actually nothing like they seemed online in real life.

There's something very attractive about an honest person, whether it's someone being honest to themselves, or paying a genuine compliment to the other person. Don't be afraid to let them see the real you, after all, there's only so much one can fall for pretense.

Beyond Being Black

Yes, you picked a site like Perfect Partner because you wanted to proactively look for other single people of colour. While your race can be a great conversation starter on a black online dating site, it's important to know that there's a lot more to both of you than just being black. Make it a point to discover other common interests - what do they like to eat, for example? What's their idea of a fun weekend? What kind of music do they enjoy?

Once you discover how much you have in common with people, you'll learn to look beyond just being black, and that'll definitely help in finding someone who actually appeals to you, for the person they are, instead of just limiting it to a common ethnicity.

Don't Forget to have fun

Lastly, whether you're chatting with another single black person online, or meeting them for a date - remember, always to have a good time. Find something both of you like to do -there's a reason it's a great idea to ask about interests and preferences. Put all that information you got from chatting with them to good use - use it to plan a fabulous first date, and then many more. Throw in some genuine smiles, and a bit of humour - a good laugh always, always ends up in a good time.

Most importantly - put your best and most honest foot forward. You're perfectly great the way you are, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to talk to more interesting, single black people apart from those in your immediate networks. After all, dating as a person of colour can be a wee bit complicated, but with a platform like Perfect Partner, you're already halfway towards finding someone great. Once you get talking, it really is about connecting, having a good time, and most importantly, getting all the romance you absolutely deserve!

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