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Gay Dating

There are probably more shades to dating as a gay person than there are at a pride march. Indeed, the world of dating for those who are gay is a little mysterious, complex and full of factors that make it a struggle to find another gay person who is also single and looking for romance in their life.

At Perfect Partner, we not only help you reach out and connect with thousands of gay singles, but also take off the awkwardness and pressure that comes with talking to someone from a mutual circle of people.

Here are all the reasons why you should definitely consider signing up for online gay dating with a platform like Perfect Partner.

A Better Chance of Romance

For one, your dating pool is fairly limited if you socialize in circles that are a mix of homosexual people and straight folk. Which means, if you were to find yourself attracted to someone, you'd have to do a bit of scouting around to find out if they were straight or gay in the first place. In the case of the latter, this would be followed by the struggle of having to find someone who could help you two meet up, or figure out a way to ask them out without seeming creepy.

With Perfect Partner, you're browsing through profiles in a space that's discrete, safe, and 100% confidential - which means you'll never again need to look for love through friends. You are at perfect liberty to talk to whoever you like, and move things at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Less Awkward, More Fun

The best part about talking to other gay singles online, is that there's absolutely no pressure - to rush into things, to speed things up, or to call someone back after the first date. Even better, because you're going through a discreet platform like Perfect Partners, there are zero chances of someone finding out about your date before you're ready to talk about it.

Online Gay Dating 101

Chances are, as a single, gay person you've seen your fair share of awkward conversations, exciting online chats turning out to be disappointing first dates, a lot of anxiety and confusion. But there's always something you can do about all of this, and make sure you end up having some wonderful conversations and dates with some great people.

Here are a few ideas on how you can set yourself up for success in the online gay dating game:

Be Clear

Know what you want out of the dating experience. Are you seeking something casual? Is it a fling you want? Or are you open to a more involved relationship? The first step to dating successfully, and meeting the right kind of people, whether you're straight or gay is to ask yourself these questions. Knowing what you want always helps in seeking what you want, so be prepared for some soul-searching before you jump aboard the online dating bandwagon.

Don't Hold Back

Don't get this one wrong - not holding back doesn't mean being obsessive, being a compulsive texter or turning into a creep. As a gay person, you need to ace your game when it comes to dropping hints or flirting, without scaring the other person away. Don't hold back from being yourself - be open about the things you like, the things you don't. Don't shy away from expressing your attraction to the other person. Keep the compliments genuine, but keep them flowing in a measured way.

Who could possibly know better than you, the confusion that runs through your mind when you're gay, you're talking to someone you find extremely attractive, but you're getting all sorts of mixed vibes from them? Well, do your bit by letting the other person know how you feel. At the end of the day, you know they're on the same platform as you because they're interested in meeting new people, so make sure you don't hesitate.

Be Honest

Whether it's your profile on Perfect Partner, or you in real life - be honest, always. There's a lot of disappointment, hurt and confusion that comes with talking to people who pretend to be something they aren't. True, you may be tempted to add some sparkle to your profile, but don't go overboard in the hope of finding more single gay people like you. Be yourself, unapologetically. Remember, there's something incredibly sexy about a genuine person, something that a made-up profile will never be.

Throw in a Laugh (or Two)

There's no reason your date should be any less fun, even if you happened to meet online. In fact, take the opportunity to find out about the other person - what they like, what their favourite food places are, what their idea of fun is, and then put it to good use by planning a date that's full of fun, laughter and needless to say, romance.

Most importantly, be comfortable in your own skin and find the time to laugh about something together - there's quite no icebreaker as effective as humour, and as two single gay people, there's so much you have to laugh about together.

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