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Getting Ready For That First Date

Online dating is a heady old business - sorting out your profile, making those initial contacts and then plunging into the give and take of chatting and flirting. Hopefully you'll be pretty quickly finding someone you want to meet up, and that's where a whole world of issues raises their head.

This is the point where it all just becomes real, rather than a dance of electrons in cyberspace. You're not just exchanging words with a relatively anonymous person, you're about to see what the other person looks like. While this can be a scary thought, it's not too hard to apply some common sense about it all.

Some practical things to consider:

Just as with any possible date, a bit of humour, hygiene and patience is going to go a long way:

Safety on First Dates

It's also worth taking a few moments just to underline the need to keep safe. Talk on the phone before you meet to decide where you're going and then take the same sort of precautions you might expect on a more traditional date:

Have fun, get out there and make memories you'll want to keep the rest of your life.

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